Warm experience

Why sparks?

Sparks are the main symbol of our anniversary year 2020. Why?

Inspiring people and supporting one another
Sparks are the main symbol of our 2020 anniversary year. Why? Because they make things shine. They bring people together, connect, provide chemistry, warmth and ultimately create fireworks. And that's what we've been doing for 75 years – within our own organisation and for our customers. Because those who come to work for us are given room to learn, the flexibility to develop and the chance to enjoy themselves. We pass on this passion, knowledge and job satisfaction to our customers and their co-workers, enabling these companies to achieve inspiring results. That's how we stimulate growth in each other. In these uncertain times, these sparks are rays of hope in the darkness. Let's support each other through thick and thin. We're here for each other, after all.

For life. For work. For each other.
There was a time when work was work, and home was home. That time is long gone. Work and private life are intertwined. Colleagues become friends. Your job isn't just a job – it's part of your life. And flexibility is essential now more than ever. Despite our current physical distance, we can still inspire people and mentally bridge the physical gap. That's when a spark can suddenly take on entirely different proportions.