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Have you found an original way to work with colleagues and customers from a distance? Are you organising a support activity during the corona crisis? Or are you taking part in one of the campaign's heartwarming activities?

Share your story and bring us 20 sparks closer to 75,000.

What kind of stories can you submit?

  • Activities for charity
    For 20 years, the SD Worx Fund has been supporting organisations that assist underprivileged people in their search for a job. We do this by organising activities ourselves and participating in activities and events for charity. This year, we are asking for extra attention for the heroes who are combating the corona virus day in, day out. If you're involved in such an initiative, please share your story here and earn 20 sparks for each participant in that initiative. For more information about the SD Worx Fund, send us an e-mail.

  • Warm projects, collaborations and experiences
    When we ask colleagues or the co-workers of our customers what they like about their job, they often answer: the people. And they're absolutely right, because that's where the spark starts: when you work together, pass on knowledge, and help each other out. But now that we have to avoid physical contact as much as possible, this collaborative element is no longer so obvious. We need to look for new ways to work together and help others. What is the best way to go about doing it? Share your experience and earn extra sparks to add to the total. Also leave a message if you're taking part in one of the many activities making up this campaign.

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